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Is man willing to see God in judgment?

Death is imminent. No single person can resist death and proceeds thereafter to Hebrew 9: 27. No hesitation on the person’s part will postpone or cancel the appointment with God. Unfortunately millions of people are too busy or assumed they are too busy to prepare meeting with God. though some are conscious of it, only very few who are ready for the meeting and are always prepared for the call. Some creatures of God do not want to believe that there is a loving God, talk less of meeting with Him.

Some people also are afraid to meet a loving Father Jeremiah 31:3. Why should man created in the image of God be afraid to answer the call and meeting with a loving Father? It is because man is aware and conscious of the truth but deliberately decided to follow lies ignoring the probing work of conscience. The atheists in a fruitless effort to avoid God and rationalise his sins say ‘there is no God’. The evolutionist looking for fame says he suddenly ‘evolved’, even after coming out of his or her mother’s womb. God called those who take such position fools Psalm 14:1; 53:1. It is dangerous and very fearful to be called a fool by God I Corinthians 10: 31. By God’s faithfulness, some scientists discover what God created and boast that ‘there is not God’ anymore. Science existed in the bible before the birth of the scientists and the bible is the oldest book on earth. Daniel was chosen as one of those “skilful in all wisdom … and understanding science” Daniel 1: 4. Yet he believed in God. Daniel was one of the greatest prophets by any qualification yet he was vast in science. I have a book which shows that all the worlds’ greatest scientists and inventors were all born again Christians and had a relationship with Jesus Christ, and the Father God. It means that only a scientist without wisdom and without real knowledge will ever say ‘there is no God’.

God invites everyone to Hebrew 9: 27 including everyone whom the bible calls fools because of their unbelief in God. While they still exist on earth they have the chance to change their present unpalatable fate, through Jesus and enter the bliss of heaven. Otherwise their plight is doom Hosea 4:6. Jesus is waiting for your call if you are one of them. You cannot choose the devil on earth and want to switch to holy God after death. It is impossible Mark 8: 36; Matt 16: 26. The need to save your soul cost God everything – the death of Jesus on the cross and the shedding of His precious holy blood. Why? God’s love for His creatures is unspeakable and you are one. I John 4:8; Jeremiah 31: 3; Psalm 100:3; Gal 4:4; Romans 5:6, 8; Romans 8: 32; 2 Corinthians 5:21.

The passage

Life on earth is time given by God to prepare for eternity. The Grave opens you up to the road to meet with God. The Cross of Jesus judged Satan and cast him out for ever away from the presence of God. Jesus destroyed the power of Satan over death for you, Hebrew 2:14. But no one can benefit from it until you take on Jesus’ holiness and righteousness and do away with sin 2 Corinthians 5: 21; 1 John 3: 8; 1 John 1: 7.Then you can have confidence to meet God the Father, and God permits your entrance to blissful place Hebrew 4:16.

Any need for preparation?

Isaiah 51:1, 5-6 yes, we must prepare if one cares for great joy and excitement. True life and real death exist beyond what we experience here. We are living a corrupted existence here on earth. God is the God of order and precision and unchanging Morals. God is holy and would not allow filth come near him. His holiness would not allow Him put a sinner in heaven, to be near Him Habakkuk 1: 13. God would separate people, the righteous from the unrighteous and put them in a place of their choice. People, who abuse His permissive will and love, are punished.

In the earth, no one goes to an appointment or honours an invitation without adequate preparation; wearing the right clothing and shoes that fit; sometimes with the invitation card in hand to permit entrance and impress the host or other guests. No one can impress God without complete, total, and sincere repentance from sin; and accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and confess him as one’s personal Lord and Saviour Romans 10: 9-10.

Where death originated from

Genesis 3: 19 Reveals physical death as punishment from God when the first man and first woman acquired sinful nature by the deceit of Satan. Due to sin, man remains separated from God. It was not too pleasing to God looking at His creatures suffer that way Ezekiel 18:4.23. He therefore sent Jesus as a solution, to those who will desire to take the goodness of God and escape separation (hell) from a loving Father. This is what the cross of Jesus indicates – a justifiable escape route to anyone who takes the opportunity sincerely from the heart John 3:16. To believers in Christ physical death is with no pain but peaceful and glorious translation from death to glory. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints Psalm 116:15. The Cross is God’s Mercy for sinners. By His mercy Jesus came. God is gracious… Psalm 145:8. Gal 4:4; Romans 5:6, 8; John 3:16; Romans 5: 17; Romans 6: 23. The cross gives total and complete justification to the believer and fair judgment to the hard-hearted unrepentant sinner who prefers eternal damnation. Revelation 20:14. It will be painful to live from death to death. Without Christ anyone coming to God after death was covered with a high degree of filthiness and would naturally appear in sin and suffer. Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3: 23; Romans 6: 23.

JLiberal / Modern Christianity?

When you are deeply in the world system; their dress codes and dress style, talk as they do go everywhere they go, dance like them, marry and divorce like them (forbidden by the bible for a child of God); then you must realise that there is no ‘modern Christianity’. What is modern and good about’ modern’ sinful world; absolutely nothing. Can the world be modern with the degree of sin and moral decadence in all societies of the world today? Sin remains sin since creation. The world is about to reap what they sowed and we are inclusive except we all repent and accept Christ. For example, adultery in the 1st century remains adultery today in the 21st century. No pretence or law of human society can change it. There is no ‘modern cross’; no ‘modern or modified Christianity’; no ‘modern gospel’ of Jesus; no ‘modern salvation’; no ‘modern righteousness’. Mathew 6: 33 have not been reversed though preachers had attempted in vain to impress upon their hearers as if it has been reversed. There is no’ modern Word of God’ Psalm 119:89; No modern way to God and Heaven outside Jesus Christ; Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever Hebrew 13: 8. In the same way, there is no modern hell, the description and nature of punishment has not been modified; it is neither old nor modern, it remains the same. We must be washed by the fountain that flows out of Jesus’ body- His precious holy blood. Our attitude to the cross of Jesus determines your being accepted or rejected at the appointed time. Holiness is the only dress code for entrance to heaven; and only Jesus provides that dress Rev 15: 6; Rev 19: 8, 14.

Can man opt out of the appointment with God?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Romans 14: 11 – 12; Eccl 12: 7, 13-14. Psalm 100:3 says, know ye not that the Lord He is our God; it is He that hath made us and not we ourselves….Psalm 24: 1 says the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein. Man has to give account for his reason to choose idolatry, adultery, prostitution, theft, greed, drunkenness, smoking, impunity, witchcraft, jealousy, rage, dissensions, envy and strife, lying, sexual immorality, homosexual offenses, slander, hatred and selfishness, murder, abortion to mention a few, workers of iniquity Matt 7:21; Luke 13: 27. The wheat to his banner; the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire Luke 3: 17. Prepare daily to meet with God.

Proof of God?

God does not need to prove that He exists because He is faithful to Himself; and also faithful to unfaithful men even when we are not. He also does not change Mal 3: 6.

Romans 1: 20 is a bible scripture that enables a curious person to prove for himself that God is true. If this is not enough then when we meet God, Hebrew 9: 27 will help us to further prove for ourselves that there is or ‘there is no God’. The proof / answer will unfold one second after death. Are we prepared to meet God today if you sleep and do not wake up? Will you like to meet God’s appointment without preparation and without the right clothing? Isaiah 61: 10 Will you like to meet God with sin? Does that put you in any good position? Nothing on earth worth more than your soul Phil 3:13-14.