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Dearly beloved servants of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, friends and philantrophers. Together we can serve to depopulate the kingdom of darkness. The trumpet of salvation has sounded in Asian Nations and Jesus is revealing Himself to thousands as the end-time events unfold before our eyes. We humbly request that you prayerfully join us to give one URDU Bible to our newly converted brethren which include many Muslims that have given their heart sincerely to Christ Jesus after coming to the revelation of the truth of the Son of God. The “veil” is removed in Pakistan;

It costs just about £6 to give a new convert the Word of Life Matt 4: 4. They cannot afford one due to severe economic circumstances and deprivation from a system and nation where Christians are forced to convert to other religions. These brethren have stood their ground in their faith to the – TRUTH – in the face of threat of death. They are appealing for bibles so they can study, teach, grow believers to confront darkness with love of Christ. Help to nurture our new born babes in Christ. Please you do not have to be a member of a particular denomination/ministry to contribute and be rewarded by the Master. 3000 received Christ (April 2013 crusades), they all need bibles. We are all called to the Great Commission Matt 28: 18-20.

How do we send the bibles?

We remit the money via Western Union and they do the purchase; shipping bible is prohibited by the Government. Please donate and bless the heart of a convert with smiles on the face just for having a copy of the Holy Bible. Together WE CAN DO IT in Jesus Name for His glory. Please

one bible (£6 only).

God bless you

Evangelist Chris Ekechi

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GOGFAN comprise families and people from different background who are not ashamed to recognise that we were once all sinners according to the scriptures; but now happy to be thoroughly washed by the BLOOD on the Lamb (JESUS). We now strive for holiness without which no man can see God or enter heaven. We express the love of Christ and His care to everyone we come across anytime, anywhere; as we possibly can.

From the foundation and inauguration in March 27th 2010, the ministry has remained evangelical, reaching out to the yet unsaved so they can come and have a taste of the loving Master, and confirm as we do that He is good. We are outward – looking ministry all the time. We are a family here with visitors to the ministry.

If you enjoy taking time to truly worship God with other believers in spirit and in truth, this is the ministry you need. The glorious presence of our Lord in almost each service cannot be overemphasised; as He allows us to see Him in our midst expressing He loves the Ministry in particular (HOLINESS). We are grateful and give Him all the glory for the privilege.

Though He has taken us beyond the shores of UK, we believe we are yet undergoing the days of small things and the wilderness of eventual rest and expansion.

The ministry is touching the lives of many through phone calls, church programmes, TV broadcasts as we preach the gospel and He confirms it with signs, wonders, healing, and miracles.

With humility we invite all true seekers of God who are yet to find a good church that does not “white-wash” the truth, to join us if they wish as we are still in our infant stage but spiritually sound.


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