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Yearly Events Calendar

The 2023 Year Ministry activities

Day and Date   Month   Services and Activities   
Friday to Sunday17th to 19th   February   KENEMA soul   harvesting prayer fasting 6 – 6 pm)
Saturday 31st   March   Special intercession for the unsaved loved ones and prayer for Israel   
Saturday 8th andSunday 9th   April   Easter Revival service   
26th to   28thMay   Tarry for the Spirit Pentecost Revival, fasting, and prayers   
Saturday 17th,   and Sunday 18thJune   Heaven on earth healing service
Luke 5: 17   
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th   July   Children’s week Matthew   19: 14   
Saturday 19th   and 20th SundayAugust   GOGFAN Youth week   
Saturday 28th   October   Adoration   Night
Psalm 95: 1-6   
Saturday   25th and Sunday 26th   November22   Thanksgiving   week Psalm 107: 8
Saturday   23rd   December   Christmas   Carol Night 5 pm – 7 pm   
Sunday   31st   December   New   Year’s Eve 2410 pm to   3 am  
No  morning service   
2023    YEAR OF    GOODNESS   
  1. Easter Sunday 9th April 2023
  2. Easter Monday 10th April 2023
  3. King Charles Monday 8th May
  4. Pentecost Sunday 28th May 2023
  5. Christmas Monday, 25th December 2023
  6. Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 2023
  7. New Year’s Eve Sunday 31st December 2023
  8. New Year Thursday 1st January 2023